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The Flounder-- wow +/- 4 using co2?? Have you tried using hpa yet or do you prefer co2 for some reason. I believe Trinity posted on his blog that his SR1 was getting +/- 2 or 3. Pretty impressive results so far from the CCM rifle. My only concern with the SR1 so far is the reload time and the shells ejecting. I could probably modify a small canvas bag with hinge to catch the shells and that can be flipped foward (so the shells dont fall out) for reloading.

I use the CO2 because it comes in 12 grams that fit inside the marker. That testing was done a a nice warm day where everything sat outside for a few hours to stabilize in temperature. Nothing extra to carry or mount on the marker. I may switch to HPA if I pick up a small enough tank.

You do not have to eject or even use the shells. You can lock the shell in or use a cocker barrel adapter and put any cocker threaded barrel on there.

If you are worried about reload time you are not using the marker properly. I usually take several minutes between shots even in a target rich enviroment. I want to make sure every shot counts and not give away my position.

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I must have missed that memo

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