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GOG eNMEy Review!

Well, I did this for a friend at GOG. I'm not normally a video guy but I really do love this marker. So, when I was a asked to attend the tech class at World Cup to get a pre-release model I jumped at the opportunity. I've been using the eNMEy for 5 months now and decided to finally drop a video review.

I hope its watchable! Thanks for taking the time to check it out. Critiques and constructive criticism are always welcome!

Seems like the Youtube embed feature is borked here on MCB, so heres a direct link.

GoG eNMEy - Maintenance/Review. - YouTube&fs=1" width="644" height="390">GoG eNMEy - Maintenance/Review. - YouTube&fs=1" />GoG eNMEy - Maintenance/Review. - YouTube"> eNMEy - Maintenance/Review. - YouTube

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