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Originally Posted by Finnigan View Post
I purchased the MagicJack+ just prior to hurricane Sandy. The outages of services in my area had my Wife and I reconsidering switching from landlines (which were still working) to MagicJack. However, we are now thinking with all the utility costs in the area going up after rebuilding from the storm we may cancel the phone and switch to MJ + after all. I just have to do some creative wiring in my house to get all the phones jumped to the MJ+ and then set it up.
What I did with mine was put it in the living room with a hard wired network wire. Then plugged my base station of my cordless phones into it. The base station has 4 phones that it talks to. The other phones only plug into the outlet. That way I have no wiring to do. Works really good, I have been doing that for about 5 years now.
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