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Valken Crusade pants

Ok lets do this.

Term of usene day
Years of experiance: 12 years
Similar products used: paper bags sewn together with masking tape

So here is the story. I found a pair of these in pink which matches all my gear so I'm like "hey I should buy these" then my brain replys "you could get another pair of outlast pants for that price" so then I decide "screw it these look cool." So I buy them. First impression upon putting them on is that they are super comfortable and remind me of my old Nexed pants which I loved. So now I can't wait to get to the field. First game(speedball) I take off for the left tape and slide in. Suddenly my brain says "man these pants are well ventilated" and I reply "I know right, these things are awesome". Unfortunately then Brain feels the need to let me in on a little secret "dude, I think the whole right leg is torn open.............also you're bleeding." So I look down and sure enough the entire leg from mid thigh down is split wide open being held at the bottom by the velcrow foot cuff(also sure enough I've scraped the skin off my lower leg due to sliding on north Texas dirt without a pant leg to cover it). I finish out the game like that. Once I get back to the staging area I summon all my skills gained from years of dealing with urban outdoorsmen and duct tape the leg back together. Two games later the left leg comes apart from the crotch to the knee. Field repair mode activated. Let me tell you, I sure was something to see all day in my sweet Valken pants, well worth the $90 price tag.

In summary: I think I'll be sticking with my 06 JT pants that I usually use and have never had any problems with, or my Smokin Outlast pants that have proven nearly as bullet proof.

I wrote this on my phone so please forgive the spelling and grammer issues.
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