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Unmilled 2004 Viking - Nice!


I purchased this gun in 2006 and used it until 2009 when I tapered off playing. It has been in my closet since, and I figure it needs a better home. I am out of the game, and this is for sale only. Sorry about the phone pics, DSLR is packed away.

There is a small mark on anno of cover above grip.

Ding is visible at back of bolt tube. Tiniest highlight on P of PEND.

Unmilled 2004 Viking
JMJ snatch frame
FBM delrin trigger
DYE Stickies
WAS Equalizer board - flashed to 2.0
Blue screws
Original SCM LPR upgraded to latest hardware kit (3?) from AKA
Mitey Max
CCM feedneck

Comes With:
Original Javelin barrel
AKA marker bag
Drop forward shown in pictures

I will throw in:
Original trigger frame
JMJ Sling trigger
Original grip panels
Equalink cable I used (once!) to flash board
LPR tuning kit with cartridge tool
Other spare Viking bits I may have lying about

Marker and barrel show light signs of use; only a couple very small nicks on gun itself. Barrel is nearly perfect with two tiny nicks at the tip. Leaky macro fitting on drop forward, which I suppose one could replace for a few bucks. Marker runs better than new. I just aired it up and it is artwork.

All this can be yours for $325
Shipping cost is extra and dependent upon buyer’s location and choice of carrier.
I can accept payment via PAYPAL only, folks

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