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14k 1 Carat+ Wedding/Engagement Ring - Read Story.


Life's changed drastically for me, quit one job, started a new one, and am moving to a new city (Denver, not really new but now I get to call it home.) Just bought a condo, trying to recoup some of my downpayment losses and such.

Contact - Email at - Currently ring is sitting at a jewelers on consigment. Help a guy start a new life!

Price on the ring is $775 OBO Shipped. If your offer is lower than $500, please don't bother. Shipped will be UPS fully insured.

Normally, I wouldn't post something like this on a forum. However, this is M.Carter Brown, I know it's full of affcionados and a more mature age group.
Mods, if you feel this thread is innappropriate, please take it down, I'll totally understand.

I do have this listed on another website, however I've read the rules and I know I can't link the website, but I CAN Verify that I'm the other person on the website. See Photos. They don't do it justice.

Ring is a size 8
Diamond Info - Center Diamond is SI1, G in colour. Baguettes are SI1-2, H in colour. Small nick on the Culet, which is the very tip of the diamond.

- Didn't realize that this one shows the stamp.

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