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Originally Posted by Tracker View Post
threading is 2k

there have been semi T2's with a single ram.. personally i think a single ram is a cop out.. but dual ram cockers dont really exist

there is nothing to hold a front block in place, the front edge is just a rounded out

here are the main issues you are going to have with your project

the ASA doesnt have provisions for a timing rod

the front of the body will need to be made flat (not nesscary, but if you want to keep a front block on steady, it would be worth the trouble)

and the body is rounded on the bottom, so you will either need an adapter plate, or to modify your frame (but that might make the sear go too high into the body). or youll need to cutsom make a frame.. as theres NOTHING from CCM that has a slider plate, and a rounded top

best of luck to you. look forward to seeing what you come up with

He could also stick with the stock frame, slap an MQ in there, and just put an e-frontblock on the front and have a single trigger, semi, MQ'd, T2
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