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PM5's, G3 SE, Dm8, Ion, 06 cyborg, Defiant

Paypal only
No international shipping, including Canada (sorry)
Shipping included
prices are OBO
Any questions please ask
I can provide more pictures/videos on request.

I will consider the following trades;
Droid board ( I don't care what kind as long as it works)
Phantom dropout valve (black)
phantom 45 frame black (don't need grips)
Black dye 45 cocker slider frame.
Molle pouches in Black
Hammer 7
Just offer! The worst I will say is no thanks!

PM5 Matte black
STD LPR the adjustment hole is worn but not stripped.
No Rise clamping feedneck
1 piece proto barrel included

PM5 matte red to black fade
Ramping board (not sure if this is capable of semi)
Shocktech Trigger and ON/OFF
Clamping Feedneck
Full Pipe kit included in gloss red to black fade. (poorly included in picture)

DP G3 SE in gloss brown and black.
Has PRD installed and stock back cap included
Excellent condition

It's an Ion with the following upgrades
Q lock
dye sticky 3's
NDZ roller trigger
SP rail not included will have a duck bill ASA

the former owner drilled a slot in the trigger gaurd to better access the middle frame screw, bit of a hack job but it does help could be cleaned up with a files easily. Mini gauge is broken. Shoots nice!

Olive Green 06 Cyborg.
CCM clamping Feedneck stock feedneck also included.
Great shooter and incredibly reliable
Has some tool marks on the LPR
some anno wear on base of the barrel
Small Dent on the drivers side eye cover
Grips are missing the jewel on the drivers side.
$280 or $250 with out the asa/rail

Bob long Defiant
gloss blue fade
Hyper reg
Etek barrel
CP ASA(it is missing one mounting screw)
it works great!


Rocking 3 round burst. There is some drop off at the end as I run out of air.

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