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As the organizer/field owner I am cool with whatever keeps people playing and happy (its outlaw, no charge, no profit, etc...) but I wanted the seasoned paintball cultures take on extreme bounce padding.

So, is bounce gear cheating? Is it just a reaction to over shooting? Is it a viable tactic? Is it cheese? It it super un cool?
i say it's a viable tactic, but also super uncool.

now, why would people buy super hard paint? they WANT their paint to break on the opponent's padding right? they should be buying the brittlest paint they have. you could offer it at your field to counter the padding, because you obviously are looking for ways to beat it if you're asking here.

if you find in the future that the arms race has caused too much paint in the air, and is scaring away newcomers, you can always mandate hopper ball.
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