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What a weird collection of guns!

Check out the list of guns I put up on Ebay tonight.
Jacksonville Raider Quest
FEP Jacksonville Raider Quest Paintball Marker Video in Description | eBay
VSC Phantom
CCI Phantom VSC Stock Class Pump Paintball Marker Video in Description | eBay
Tippmann C3- now your cooking with gas!!!!!
RARE Tippmann C3 Propane Powered Paintball Pump Marker Video in Description | eBay
Bob Long Millennium and parts
Bob Long Millennium Paintball Marker Video in Description RARE | eBay
NSG Splatmaster
Splatmaster Vintage Old RARE Paintball Video in Description | eBay
PMI Sheridan PG project gun
PMI Sheridan PG Paintball Gun RARE Vintage Brass | eBay
This is one motley line up of guns.
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