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If you are getting a gun because it is 24BPS - it is really is the wrong way to pick a marker. Competitive Paintball is capped under 15BPS, some outdoor fields don't permit a high ROF anyways.



There are lots to choose from
gotcha. I mean I dont really care THAT MUCH about the bps but I certainly want a marker that is fast... meaning I dont really want a pump as my primary lol. thats all

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As far as good masks go, I suggest hitting up a paintball shop if you've got one nearby, and just trying on everything they have. Pretty much everything with a thermal lens is good, but the different brands will fit your head differently, so finding one that fits you best is important.

Toss 'em on, shake your head, look down, look up. Does the mask move well with you? Can your breathe well, and hear in it? Is the field of vision good?

A well-chosen mask is far and away the best place you can put money into your kit.

As far as guns go, consider the ongoing cost as well. Playing 24 BPS with the Reflex means about 75 cents a second worth of paint, if you're paying $60 a case like I am here. That adds up quick, so speed of fire may not be the best thing to use as a deciding factor.

Play how you want to, but if you can't afford to feed the gun, you're not going to get as much use out of it as you could, and 12.5 bps is just as workable as 24 for most things. Don't give up something that fits your hand and pocketbook better just for gofast.
ah, very helpful post, thank you I had said that to the lady who I was speaking with yesterday about the markers... I asked her what difference is there REALLY between a marker that is 15bps vs 24 bps... I mean can people really shoot that fast anyway?

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Why buy new though? Is it the "warranty" or the shop saying they will work on it for life?
the shop said they will work on it for life. I want to buy a new one because part of this is taking up the sport of paintball as a hobby and enjoying it, but there is also the portion of just owning the marker as an item that I love... ill be doing more with it than just taking it to the field. I dont really want to purchase a used marker offline from someone...

I dont have a credit or debit card/bank account anyway, so I would have to send a money order of some sort which just sounds like a big hassle.

thanks for the replies
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