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Originally Posted by SluggoSteel View Post
ah, very helpful post, thank you I had said that to the lady who I was speaking with yesterday about the markers... I asked her what difference is there REALLY between a marker that is 15bps vs 24 bps... I mean can people really shoot that fast anyway?
Some folks can, but aiming at that rate isn't great because you're jerking the marker around a little trying to hit the trigger that fast.

Mostly you'd hit it on either full-auto or ramping (continued trigger pulls each fire more paint, so you get 1..1..2..3..5..10..etc rounds per trigger pull without having to work the trigger faster). Both of those modes are iffy as far as being allowed on many rec ball fields, and even tourney play caps them at 15 bps.

Originally Posted by SluggoSteel View Post
um, now im confused. Why would they use a 130 dollar marker instead of a 400 dollar one if they had the choice? I wanted the Hammer with first strike because I wanted to use it or let my friends use it when we play for fun in the woods across the street from my house.
Because more money doesn't always mean a better marker. For example, my go-to is a Splatmaster pistol, a CO2 powered pump action pistol that's almost 30 years old, and might manage 10 shots per minute on a good day. They run $40 on ebay. But I have fun with it, and thus it's my favorite.

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