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Originally Posted by martix_agent View Post
It's all about anti-piracy. with constant connecting there's almost no easy way to pirate it. Remember Spore? At least it's better than what they did.

If you had a system that never connected the the internet, you could pirate it is fairly easily with your idea of doing things.
Yeah, because there is NO WAY someone could reverse engineer a server interface for a major game such that they can bypass the official server and run their own 'copy' of it...

Oh wait, aren't there 'private' servers for World of Warcraft?

There is no valid reason why when the servers went down last night that I could not have kept playing. I'm already aware of at least three projects to break SimCity's communication protocol and replace it with a custom server that the users can control. And I'm considering toying with it myself. (It is actually potentially easier to break a call home server instead of cracking a traditional game. You aren't required to modify the game itself, only sit there and intercept its network data for awhile until you have enough information to begin constructing your own version.)

I have no issues with call home and sensible DRM. I have major issues with badly done ham-fisted attempts at a foolish idea.

Want to 'defeat' the pirates? Offer player more and better services than the pirates can!
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I destroy drives for clients all the time. Sometimes, intentionally.
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