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Cool. I might try to organize an impromtu sniper challange while at SG45 to see what all the different FSR guns can do. I'll have to clear it with Dan Bonebrake first but im sure we can set up a table and targets along one of the roads on the field. I think the road by Hideout is plenty long enough to have a 150 yard target set up. I'm thinking we can chrono each shot to show each guns consistancy, have each shooter take 20 or so shots at multiple ranges in prone or more if players are willing shoot in different positions. Maybe offer a prize like a bowling trophy for the most accurate,lol. Who knows maybe it will become a new SG tradition. I'll email Dan right now and see what he thinks.

Just got word from Dan. He's for it so there will be a First Strike sniper competition at SuperGame 45!!! Details will be coming over the next few weeks and ill be posting details on it in the FS forum and the Supergame forum and probably a few other sites. I'll be setting this up so if anyone has any suggestions or questions feel free to hit me up. This will be a great way for players to show off their markmanship skills and have fun.

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