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speaking of shooting it down...

My brother in law had a trainer plane, and used to fly it over my house just so I would grab my paintball gun and shoot at it! He would fly evasively and I would try and try to hit it.

That thing was really fun to shoot. I hit it quite a few times, and it would almost flip it over if you got it in the wing. But, since it was Styrofoam it didn't hurt it (it would put little dents in it).

Then one day he flew my father in laws real expensive plane over my house... I didn't realize it wasn't his trainer, as they were the same color and of course I ran and got my paintball gun...

Threw a few at it, and wondered why he went up real fast and flew back to his house... Only to realize it wasn't his trainer. Lol, good thing I missed it. the paint would have gone right through the balsa wood frame and film covering!

The things you do for fun out in the country...
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