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Sadly, no. I can go back and get the apprasial copy if you're really interested, I won't be able to do it until tomorrow. My jeweler gave me a rough estimate on it, but he said that the only ones that he does are for insurance purposes only. So, yes, I will gladly get it if you're interested but that's $100 out of pocket that I don't have, lol. I wish I could do more at the moment. I'm also trying to hock the last of my gear, if I get the money soon enough (Or if it's still around by the 16th, next payday) I'll get another jeweler to appraise it.

For reference, the jewelers I use (Family jewelers now) If you're interested I'll contact them again - and I can talk to the gemologist about getting an apprasial. I'm also willing to give you my information that you can use to cross reference with the gemologist for legitimacy. I understand what I'm selling odd and high priced item, lol, so I also understand all the cautions and concerns one has about such thing. If you're curious about the other website it's on, feel free to PM or Email me, and I'll gladly link you to them, which is a third party website that does apprasials and such.
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