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Originally Posted by Crashkt90 View Post
or 1000 people and it be around 100 and give it to mike at cci
Mike doesn't do anodizing. He contracts all his ano work to anodizing companies, and has mentioned that he works (has worked) with more than one company. Since he doesn't really make any money off of it, Mike isn't big into doing special anodizing requests either.

I'm assuming these responses about a bulk order were totally tongue-in-cheek, but just in case they're not (hey, you never know on the internet!)...
the above math on getting a bulk order together in order for a company to purchase all new equipment is a little off. No one factored in the additional cost that an existing anodizer would have to pay in shipping, taxes, assembly and training to get a new machine operational, or the man hours/man power used to produce each piece. Even with a 1,000 piece order (a highly improbable number), it would still cost well over $100/each to cover all the costs involved.

Obviously, you'd be better off finding a shop that specializes in this process to begin with. Just be ready to pay a whole lot more for the color of the gun than what the entire gun cost in the first place.

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Too bad he fell off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again.

You can see more of O.D.D's work here...
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