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Personally I use what I can find in my gear bags. As of late I have been using an SP1 and a VIBE (G1/ENVY).

They are very reliable. I just use reflashed stock boards. I have virtue boards for them, but have yet to put one in

Easy on paint,upgradeable, won't ruin your day of fun. You can put a black heart board in either. Best part, if you don't want electro, or your board frys, go mech.

That's correct, just throw an Enemy frame and noid on the envy/vibe and your golden. Throw the M1 grip and noid on the SP1/G1 (when the M1 is released) and you are golden

Ultimatly the choice is yours. What ever makes you feel comfortable. HELL I would use a splatmaster if it ment having fun

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