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Originally Posted by SlamSlayer View Post
I don't know if anyone has mentioned it. But imo the best sub $200 marker you can get, especially for the woodsball look. Is the Sp1 Smart Parts SP1 Paintball Gun - Black

I have the G1 with blackheart board (slightly more "advanced) version, but this is equal to the $250 version of the G1, minus some (mostly) cosmetic features. At $130 you can not beat it. One of the few sub $200 markers that has a regulator (and a good one at that, same one on the LUXE, a $1500 marker...), especially when it comes to woodsball looking markers.
This is an excellent price. If I didn't just make a deal to have Dirty Girl all Dolled up, I would jump on it

For those who don't like the rails on top:

If you are using a Red Dot, which is an "Open Eye Site", you will have no problem with the feed being in the middle

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