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Originally Posted by 99BPS View Post
Thank you, I hear what people are saying about the rotar, but unless I come into a major deal that's just not happening right now. I'm just not in the position to drop twice as much on a loader. I'm a senior in college applying to grad school in the fall, I'm playing for a team this summer, but i'm still on a very tight budget.

I'm thinking Vlocity or Pulse from what people are saying.
The fields/events were playing at all cap at 12bps, so i'm thinking most decent loaders will keep up with that.
I realize financial situations differ but be realistic.

If you expect to be competitive, handicapping yourself (and your teammates) over $40 is silly. I'm guessing this team has no sponsors, so expect to pay 2x that every weekend.

Make sacrifices. Eat Top Ramen for a week and buy a Rotor.

wts bko for cheap
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