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Originally Posted by sniper97 View Post
I thought the hammer in the T2 was heavier and it gave better efficiency/more shots off a tank.

If you get a T2, I personally don't like the pump against the barrel, get the t-grip pump.
It's different than the original S6 so it gets better efficiency than one of those, something like 30% better if I recall correctly. But I'm almost positive that the T2 and 6.5 share the same guts. I unfortunately don't have a 6.5 anymore to double check, which makes me sad. I need to change that, and soon haha!

Edit: Found this post describing the differences.

Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post

T2 has

1) Single detent (under the top tube).
2) Different pump handle with dual pump arms.
3) Back Block different to accept dual pump arms.
4) Top tube is removable to accept different top tubes (Left, right, and center feed). This is held on with two t-10 Torx Screws.
5) Vertical ASA is not integral (it uses a bolt to hold it on).
6) The top tube can be ordered to accept sizers that allow for one barrel to be used with many different sizers.

Bottom tube internals are the same and, in my opinion, they perform nearly exactly the same - in that they are awesome!


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