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Anyone up for a outlaw league in Kansas?

I'm disappointed in the availability of Milsim/woodsball games in this state. I have started a "club" of sorts to play paintball once a month. Currently there are two groups in this "club". The main group has around 30-50 people who attend regularly and play at various privately owned properties around Arkansas City, KS. The second group has around 10-20 regular attendee's and plays at privately owned properties around Manhattan, KS. Our goal is to promote milsim/woodsball play in Kansas. We are not a "serious" group and we do not aspire to be anything other than a low key, cheap, fun, and safe. We are not interested in playing speedball. We are not interested in paying field fee's. Just looking to foster a fun, tight knit community of paintballers in Kansas.

If you would like to check out our facebook pages I will post the links at the bottom. If you would like to join us in our endeavor please feel free to email or facebook me.


Manhattan group:
Ark City Group:
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