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Mag Parts - ULE body, X-Valve, Omega Rail & Grip Frames

Bunch of Mag Parts for sale! NO TRADES

Omega Rail w/ sear - SOLD

X-Valve w/ ULT on/off - $195 shipped

NIB Dye Frame, chrome - $40 shipped
Double Trigger Intelliframe, gloss black - $85 shipped
Blade Trigger Intelliframe, gloss black - $85 shipped
Dye Sticky grips, clear & NEW - $22 shipped

Misc parts
CP Foregrip with RPG 15* ASA (AM style) - SOLD
10" Dye Ultralite barrel, .684 bore (Cocker threads) - SOLD
AM/MM Rail - $45 shipped
Shocktech rail is free with any other purchase, just ask!

NO TRADES. Prices include shipping in the Continental US ONLY. I accept and prefer Paypal. Need feedback? AO & MCB
Steve Shuey, Team Crimson Reign

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