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Originally Posted by nofxkid2005 View Post
You two have obviously never seen the internals of the Crossover if you're thinking its the same valve as the Phenom. It isn't. It shares being a blow forward operated by an on off and the name Tippmann. The Phenom engines are terrible. Why Tippmann went with a non user serviceable valve is beyond me. Regardless, the Crossover isn't a Phenom in a sleek body.
Agreed....I owned a phenom as a first marker, and I hate it. The whole 'flex valve thing' wasn't really that astounding. I think a big reason why it has less recoil is because it's fcking heavy.
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Originally Posted by Axel View Post
I see an agglet and I want to paint it black...
...or yellow, orange, green; whatever the field paint is that day.
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