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If the Crossover had the 2 stage bolt ala Etha (ie. the modern day equivalent of the Automag's Level 10 bolt) I would be all over this. Granted, it's not all that big of a deal in mech mode, but it would be super nice to have. Once I installed a Level 10 on my 'mag, I knew I'd always want one instead of a Level 7. I know the eyes are there in elec mode, but I consider the 2 stage bolt like I do condoms--I'd rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it.

If it did have the 2 stage, it would be a fantastic value. A modern day ACE'd Emag equivalent for $350? Hot stuff. Well, aside for the whole lack of customization factor ala AGD. I think this thing would've sold much better at this price at launch. It might be too little too late now.
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