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D.A.M. upgrades, rumors, design ideas, etc

I only bought my dam a few weeks ago and although i havent had any games recently i have been messing around with it a bit. Snowmen make great targets and so far the dam has operated wonderfully, i have had regular ball break issues in the mag. I believe its the last ball coming out of the mag which ive been reading occurs sometimes especially with crap paint and i admit i was using crappy paint so im not too concerned with it. Only real issue ive had is the eyes seem to be automatically switching off. I have no idea what could cause this, mag empties it keeps firing, i try reseting the eyes it still fires. I dont know weird. I will eventually figure it out just more reason to tinker with it.

Other than that i want to know if dye officially or unofficially has said anything about a high capacity box mag or something of that nature. Im a dedicated woodsball player and i hate hoppers. Any info on any potential accessories would be wonderful.

I actually have a design in mind for a box style mag but i neither have the equipment or technical proficiency to fabricate it. Granted its not fully formed, its a work in progress but the basics of it are. Use a right triangle shaped box, the right angle base of the long side being where it feeds into the magwell using a rotor and feeding tube. Now i like using the the triangle shape because it flows with the gun better and you can mold an angled grip into the box itself so its more an part of the marker which can actually be used offering more control than than the traditional box mag which can be inconvenient to reach around. Now my only issue with this design is in my mind is that because of the shape and placement of the feedneck it would put alot of pressure on the magwell and feedneck. The simple answer is attach the front end to the foregrip which would solve the stress issue but it would need to be some kind of quick release i think. In my mind i would still fun first strike out of the standard mags, i really like the design and function of them and think they are perfect for first strike, so yes i would stick with them. Another bonus of my design over traditional box mags is it would be much easier to crawl and move through brush and other thick foliage. Its shape would act as a wedge parting any obstacles in your way, also the lack of sharp angles reduces the likelihood of it getting hung up on any unfortunate protrusions.

Oh well thats about it, please feel free to criticize, comment, ask questions, or call me a hairbrained nut job. Lol and dont forget to pass along any rumors/information you may have come across.

Lol oh yeah if anybody from dye sees my idea and thinks it has merit feel free to contact me......... please oh please do! I think it would be fun to actually help develop something like this.

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