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Prices Lowered: Ripper 1 $719, Original Ironmen $289, Trifade Ironmen $199

Putting these on the open market as the last part of my credit card pay down plan. Mostly looking for cash, but will entertain trades, but not for other intimidators. If I wanted keepers, these would be them.

Note: I'm not going to pretend like I know a lot about these markers, they are not my specialty. If you feel the price is unreasonable, just let me know.

2k5'd Ripper 1 Intimidator with matching Deco Block: SOLD
Tons of upgrades as you can see. Infamous Tadeo board. Shoots fantastic as shown in the video.

Ironmen Intimidator: $289 obo
Good clean gun. A lot of originality. Anno is in great shape. WAS 2.3
It does have a couple of gremlins. Will need a set of eyes, looks like the set on the passenger side have been pinched beyond repair. Also, it chronos low, so the regs will need to be set. Other than that, airs up without issue.

Trifade Ironmen Intimidator : $199 obo
Another good clean marker. Doesn't have close to the originality as the other though. WAS 2.6. It also shares its fair share of gremlins. This one leaks, probably ram sleeve o-rings or the cupseal. Also will need a set of eyes from the looks of it.

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