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Micromag and mech ion SOLD

Trades I am interested in: left feed cocker, lf sovereign(or cf), warp left mag, or lf blazer 2k, radachron, 1k blazer barrel btween .685-690 with wedgits, freak bored black line si bushmaster barrel

Micromag: $200 shipped obo
Gun is functioning well. I just replaced the reg seat not too long ago. Lvl 7 ANS bolt, matching Micromag valve. Gun does have anno wear as you can see from the pictures, the asa also has a fair amount of wear behind the bottomline.
14 red Dye excel barrel, good bore, a little pump rub on outside from previous gun
SP wood grips: brown
Carbon fiber frame: hard ridges on trigger carefully sanded for comfort.
Velocity tourney lock
right feed adapter and left powerfeed adapter
remains of a older parts kit
Benchmark frame: no safety, funky grips

Mech Ion: $100 shipped obo

Has two oring tailed bolt, yoda dw mech kit, have original eyes and board(dead as far as I can tell, it never turned on), all stock parts otherwise. Works fine and chronoed at 270 or 280 last time I played. Tiny paint and large bore barrel, made that near the max velocity i was able to get. Selling because I prefer mech triggers that I can feel a distinct break during the pull.

the two extra bolts are included unless someone wants them parted out. single tail orings. One is venturi faced the other is just open. One or both would need an oring or two replaced.

My MCB feedback:

AM Sentinel and ION MAXD for sale

Misc Sale:

Parts: Left feed sterling body/whole gun spyder threads preferred.

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