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I'm not sure how "deep" the comic books are, but part of me wonders if the contrast between last weeks show where the hitchhiker was ignored with utter indifference and this weeks where members of the two groups had some humanizing moments wasn't intentional. Also, was the scene of Daryl and the other guy destroying walkers as if they were carnival balloons meant as a display of how far humanity has sunk, but also meant to show how we still have a connection with one another despite the fact that civilization has totally and completely gone fubar?
i concur that it's the latter, however it's too little too late.

the season is almost over, by this point i don't want to get to know about the woodbery people. they have already had 10+ episodes to establish that the people of woodbery consist of no-name two-faced thugs that attack national guards, and defenseless weaklings that can't haul their own weight. the whole season they were built up to be frowned upon. after all, we've followed rick's team for 3 seasons, seen their humanity, and watched them come out with ethically sound decisions for the most part; so in comparison, a little "humanity" injected into woodbery doesn't justify their attack on the national guards, zombie arena, and everything else. if woodbery is to be seen in a good light, it would require some kind of dramatic reveal on the level of full metal jacket where you find out *spoiler* ...... the sniper that's been killing the crew you grew to care for is a just god-loving young girl......*end spoiler* in comparison a "they're human too" little short footage simply can't cut it.

it's stupid because it could have worked if it was done from the beginning of the season, they even had named soldiers like martinez and merle, and it would have panned out way better, synergizing with helping further set up merle as a redeemable character to make for a less awkward return when he regrouped with rick's team. the show could have easily used the named soldiers' perspectives to show the daily struggle and past trauma of woodbery to establish it as a town that is relatable but ultimately went the wrong way compared to rick. but no... they chose instead to use andrea's perspective to show the daily whoring that she does, and now we'll never know why martinez had a name while everyone else didn't, meaning the writers have committed one of the little pet peeves of putting in information that isn't relevant.

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