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entire character of andrea is a wasted potential. she's a stereotype that would better be left portrayed by one of the no-name weakling residents of woodbery. given the amount of time she spent in woodbery she unavoidably must have seen, OFFSCREEN, the struggles that the residents have to endure. had they focused on the struggles of those people this season through the eyes of andrea, bringing what is currently offscreen onscreen, it would actually make her predicament understandable. as it is, the viewer doesn't know what woodbery has to go through, even though andrea definitely does know, given her long time in woodbery and close proximity to the governor. that makes watching andrea so frustrating because viewers never saw why she's so attached to the people of woodbery: she looks like a whore because she is never shown witnessing woodbery's hardship, only shown witnessing the governor's hard penis.

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But why is it that Woodbury is considered wrong? When the world that made the rules doesnt exist anymore, are those rules still valid? Aren't both groups guilty of atrocities that were simply a means to survival? I beleive that Rick and his clan would destroy anything that got in their way of survival. It's a commentary on mans instinct to survive. At some point though, for humans to thrive again in this world, all the clans need to begin working together and start rebuilding. Part of what I find depressing about this show is that the world literally has fallen down around these people and rather than realizing their need for one another, they are focusing on who has the most power. Social commentary?
but you kind of touched on it too: the world doesn't make the rules, the people do, and then the people build their own world based on their rules. this show shows that: woodbery has civilized rules inside. if the world makes the rules and not the other way around, nobody would bother rebuilding society such as woodbery. to me, woodbery is considered "wrong" because it's one big lie. rick is honest to everyone about what he has to do, the govorner just shelters the fragile little minds of his residents building a make belief civilization when in reality they are more savage than they would like to admit. of course woodbery is probably closer to what is happening in the real world...

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