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Originally Posted by tac0cat View Post
A little story from this weekend,

After the shootout, the player tried to fight me, so I brought the ref over. The ref happened to be watching, confirmed the two breaks that I originally put square in the middle of his back, and explained to the player why he didnt punish me for "overshooting". The ref's reasoning was I put two breaks on him (honoring the rules of paintball and the field), and he showed the intent to cheat/kill me (or that he was still an alive), so I ensured that the player knew he was dead.

If this had been a game with beginner players, I probably just would have let him spin, and been cool with 4 kills. But since it was an advanced game, with players who all know the rules of the game, I played exactly what the rules would allow just like everyone else on the field. What I did was not something that i find honorable or fun, but it happened, and i feel its a case study others can learn from.

I am not condoning overshooting, sadly it is a much too common part of our imperfect game, but if you are an advanced player wearing padded gear, or gear that restricts you from feeling a hit, i feel that you should understand and not get upset if you get a few extra balls.
I think you handled it well. I'm fine with someone spinning during a surrender if they choose not to(providing field rules allow), but after getting shot twice in the back, even if they bounced (which I believe you should always check before continuing play), why would you think you're going to get away with a turn and shoot. Lame play in my opinion and evidence of some bad attitude/ego on his part. Good thing the ref was watching.
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