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Originally Posted by surein View Post
IMHO Leave the valve spring as is and muck around with the hammer spring.
I agree, I spent a lot of time trying to spring tune my Sterling and I found the best results with just messing with the Hammer/Sear spring. I tried to mess with the valve spring but it made less consistent shots.

Thanks to this thread I think my gun is out of tune because I have to have the pressure so high (800 psi) to get 280 FPS, but with what James_Blond said about the main pump rod opened my eyes to think mine needs to be screwed out some because I need to have the Hammer/Sear spring so long (I cut a Spyder Spring) when I unscrew the front frame bolt the spring just pushes out the "pick up assembly" kind of violently. After all the gun hasn't been "timed" since I got it back in the 90's.

So it's back to spring tuning again.
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