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I ended up getting a deal from a teammate on a Vlocity Jr and two extra (brand new) shells for 35$. It's got a speedfeed on it, the extra shells have the original lids and he threw in some extra speedfeeds. The shell with the internals has some aftermarket blades, he didn't know much about but he threw in some replacement stock blades as well.

It's it really solid condition, and has the select force board in it. I was ripping it on my DP threshy w/ ramping and it kept up quite well. Even on my old Evil Pimp with uncapped ramping it was feeding without much issue (and that thing shoots faster then u'd expect).

It was a backup, and hardly saw use when he even used it. Now he's using a spire and rotar so I lucked out. Thats why I look for the older models I can always find someone just trying to get rid of one, sometimes with nice extras. I can go and grab 2 cases for my next practice with the $$$ I saved on a hopper, while being able to shoot the same speeds.

It's kind of funny that even on MCB people are acting like decent force feeds have only arrived in the last 3 years. If you took some people at their word you'd wonder how the hell people played speedball before the spire/rotar came out.
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