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Newly built CCM Pump is leaking

I'm hoping this is a simple fix and I'm just having a brain fart. I'm just finishing off my Completely CCM built Orracle pump and I've run into a snag. Here's my list of parts to start...

Orracle Body
Check it Detent (Thanks Broch)
CCM bolt and pin
CCM 45 Frame
CCM Lower Internals
CCM Mini Drop
CCM Regulator
CCM Feedneck
CCM Beaver Tail
CCM Cocking Rod
CCM Air Fittings

So I have it all assembled and it leaks down the barrel until I pump it. When I take a shot it leaks hard down the barrel again until I pump it which then stops the leak. I have taken several shots in a row and actually had it not leak after shooting once or twice but that is very rare. Any ideas what could be causing this issue?
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