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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
people see them and get this mental image of flying over bunkers John Woo style
You can do that with a pump-pistol if you're tweaked enough...

On topic though, there are a lot of nice SC guns in the "Rare, Old" section too. I just picked up a nice 007 in there (willpower @ nought)!

On the UK forums, where SC is pretty unknown, you see an incredible amount of TiPX's and T8's for sale, and I reckon it's for the same reason as what PistolRogue had to say; people just can't be bothered dedicating the time to learning something challenging when (in our case) they can just sit at the back and hose.

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Despite their proximity, the Wolfman from Leeds is not related to any werewolf in London, but he is first cousins with the Northern Mi dogman.
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