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I buy stuff based on consumer reports...

About 7 years ago I put in whirlpool duet front loaders. They have been fine, with the normal issues. (you have to take the front off every few years and clean out the drain as it will get clogged. course, you find all kinds of neat stuff in there...)

I stacked mine last year, which will give you an idea of how smooth they operate... And we do laundry at least 3 times a week, multiple loads each time.

Buy the biggest one you can, as you can wash your comforters in them!

Oh, and you can seriously haggle the purchase price on washers/dryers... I got mine for about $400 off the "sale" price... Retail was around $1,200 for my washer and I got it for $800 by pitting one store against another, and comparing online prices...

10 matching washers and dryers that cleaned up in our tests

After doing your laundry you need to leave the door open until it dries out inside, that is normal on all front loaders...

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