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Originally Posted by Freepainter View Post
A couple red flags I noticed looking at the pictures though I am by no means an expert

1. I didnt see any etched serial numbers though I might not be able to pic them up due to the lighting
2. Bob Long never milled any of his markers
3. Gun tech at the local field said if it was a legit blss itd have a 2000 stamped on it though cant recall where h said but again I seen no etchings in the pictures above

All in all id say its not a bob long with almost 100% certainty but hey looks cool and all autocockers make sweet pumps lol
1. It is true the A BLSS would typically have a serial number in the usual spot.
2. True for standard production runs, but I don't think this is necessarily deffinitive. There could be a small number of one-offs and true customs sold by Bob Long with some light milling. This is supported by a gun I've seen with some milling and an original bill of sale from Bob Long. Also not deffinitive but I wouldn't rule it out.
3. Not on the body, at least not that I've ever noticed and I've had four BLSS 2000 guns. The back of the grip frame will be lasered "Series 2000" on the standard guns (which the gun in question does have, but it is easy to swap a grip frame). The lasering on the grip frame is usually the only special markings on a BLSS unless it also has a BLSS barrel.

I still suspect this is a special order from Bob Long, a prototype or show gun, or perhaps an employees gun that started with a standard Series 2000 body, but they had extra milling and p-block cut before they sent it to anno. That's the best eplanation I have absent any actual documentation or owner trail.

Edit: Anyone know if Dirk Gadberry had any close association with Bob Long around the time the Signature Series 2000 came out? The milling looks somewhat like some of the Dirk guns I have seen, but of course, very hard to say as I don't think any two are exactly the same.

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