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Here's all the scenario missions we'll be running...


Opposition Force has found the Task Force base camp where a black hawk helicopter that has been wreaking havoc is housed. Opposition Force must prevent further air priority by either destroying the _______________ or the _____________ with a timed explosive.

Opposition Force Objective:
Plant bomb at bomb site “A”: ________________ or plant site “B”: _______________. Once bomb is planted prevent bomb defuse at all costs.

Task Force Objective:
Protect bomb plant by eliminating members of opposition force. If bomb plant is successful, defuse bomb at all costs.

Op 4 team wins by successfully “destroying” ____________or fuel tanks with timed explosive or by eliminating all members of opposing team.
Task Force team wins by preventing bomb plant or defusing bomb if it becomes active at either bomb site or by eliminating all members of opposing team.


Bomb must be planted at marked bomb plant site and must remain in plain view.
Bomb can only be activated/defused at plant location. NO MOVING ACTIVE BOMB.
Bomb briefcase must remain closed while in transport and remain open when timer is active.
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