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Why aren't Pro's in PSP using Mech guns to get around ROF cap?

sooooo was just poking through the PSP rule book. ROF cap is only for markers with a battery or other electronics in them. does not apply to loaders (they have their own rule set in "other equipment")

Mech guns have the rule of no response or RT type triggers (no pull and release, no RT mags)

This would allow non RT/E mags. non E cockers. and a any gun that's running a phnematic firing system.

They are not ROF capped! ROF capping is a subset in the rule book of E-gun rule 5.3.6. ( to

SO who wants to stick a Rotor on a nice cocker with QEV's? or on their ULE mag? and piss off the PSP? Think a Pro team would do it if you told them they could have uncapped semi?
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