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1st Infantry Division

If you know your history then you know that
back in WW II the 1st Infantry Division took
part in the D-Day Invasion. They landed on
Omaha Beach and suffered heavy casualties.

At the Oklahoma D-Day Event players who
belong to the 1st Infantry Division also face
a significant challenge. They land via boat
at the bottom of a steep hill which is capped
by rows of trenches and concrete bunkers,
much like the real Omaha Beach was. Aided
by Rangers and the 238th Engineers, who've
first got to clear the way before the rest can
make their assault, this aspect of the event
represents some of the toughest play you
will ever find. Are you up for the push to
the top? If so, then the 1st Infantry.

Brian Cassell, with the 1st Infantry Division
put together this clip to help raise awareness
about both The Oklahoma D-Day Event as well
his own unit, the 1st Infantry Division.

Come and see if you've got what it takes to
make it to the top with Brian.

do you have what it takes? - YouTube
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