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Modded PGP for sale

2k pgp in good shape. I bought this a few years ago and have slowly been modding it.

2k1 bolt added (added by the previous owner)
PPS quick changer
PPS rva
PPS speed feed

I put newer springs in the gun to get it to shoot good. Have not shot it over a chrono yet but by eye the velocity seems good.

Extra include

box of 12 grams, its not full but i might stick the empties back in so its full for shipping.

paintball mafia leg harness with 10 tubes.

all the stock parts, bolt, feed plug, 12 gram changer and rear plug that the RVA replaced.

noxx custom autococker frame adapter.

i would like to sell this as a package deal but will split it up if i get the right price for the parts individually.

package price is $150 usd not including shipping. payment by paypal only


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