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Just one of those days...

Ever just have one of those days where not a single thing seems to go right for you? I'm currently sitting here reminiscing on yesterday's scenario game at OXCC, and man....almost every one of my markers failed me. I went down to the game with FIVE markers.

1- WGP Orracle, just got it this week off here. Chopped paint all day after I spent the night prior timing it perfectly. The front block also scratched the crap out of my new favorite barrel somehow. It worked great for the first hour or so, and then decided it had enough I guess. Not sure what's up with this one.

2- CCM T2. Had some velocity issues that I thought I nailed, but evidently not. I followed TF's guides on here to the letter when I rebuilt it, and it seemed like it was good. Yesterday, I was getting chrono readings between 170 and 320 fps before I gave up.

3- CCM'd Karni. Couldn't get it up to speed for most of the day. Eventually I got it running good enough to use, but there were only a few hours left in the game. Finished off my day with this one, so it KINDA worked. Still has a little issue of the valve intermittently sticking open after a shot which I need to take care of, but I think I just need to bump the pressure up on the reg.

4- Empire Sniper. Just decided it didn't like Valken paint I guess. Blew up almost every shot I took with it. The handful of shots that did make it out of the barrel chrono'd right in at 280, but I literally wasted about 3/4 of a pod trying to figure out what was up. Diagnosis unknown.

5- DLX Luxe. I brought this one out strictly as a back up, since I currently have it up for sale. I didn't plan on using it at all, and ended up using it for most of the day. Out of everything I bought, this was the ONLY one that worked perfectly, all day. Not a single issue. Not a single breech or barrel break. Consistent as ever. Given the weather, and the temperamental nature of spoolies, this was not the result I expected.

So anyone else have any good horror stories? I could use a good laugh as I sit here thinking about how badly I want to dump my entire collection and start over
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