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Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
Oddly enough the tiberius riser was not specifically designed for fsr. Its rumored it wasnt made by them either. But i have no evidence to support that
Not to mix words but this is a bold statement. Regardless if your choice is the Tiberius FSR, Killjoy APR or the Optimizer why wouldn't you fit your ammo to your platform and not you platform to your ammo? If all things were equal you should zero your platform to your ammo. That being said, given the resources I would suggest any shooter to set up a shooting range with four equal distances. The first being 25yd., second, 50yd., third, 75 yd. and finally 100yd.

Leveling the rifle on a table if available and firing several rounds, marking where the land, recording the data and dialing to the next click and repeating until complete. After knowing what your platform can do its up to the shooter to properly determine distance and ultimately time on target. This weekend I put the finishing touches on my own distance range. I hope to post photos soon.

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