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Anyone want to be paintball police?

I sold this guy an SL94 for 390 in this thread because it had a bent trigger frame 390$ Cheapest SL94 in history, Impact Eclipse SL94 ego 09 picture heavy

He is now selling it here 1 of 12 Impact SL94 For Cheap! $575 Or Best Offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for profit.

I'm happy for him to make some money, but the guy I bought it from scammed me and did not tell me the frame was bent and wouldn't take it back, and now this guy is going to pass it off again. I contacted him via PM and he said he straightened it out, but I think buyers should be made aware.

Maybe someone wants to post "This is the one here (linking my thread) with the bent frame, right?"

I'm not in a good position to do it, already got negative feedback for posting negative feedback on the guy who sold me the bent gun in the first place.

So, anyone want to be the paintball police?

P.S. ego frames are way too weak.
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