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Originally Posted by zacgodwin View Post
Quick rant here. Its a crazy idea but i thought this was a classic marker forum. 9 out of 10 threads started have to do with very modern equipment. the bst is full of very modern equipment, with the exception of one. The supposed rare and old guns thread. even here it is full of modern high end electros. expensive sure, but i dont care at all. im not a die hard wood and brass guy, but im sure they can feel my pain.what interests me is guns and gear like 10-20 years old and i while this is still the best place to find it but im tired of weeding through 300 posts to find one i care about or would contribute to. SO please someone, start a new MCB and lets keep the whole forum on topic.

This is the place for classic markers and anybody that has a classic marker, wants a classic marker, is interested in classic markers, or wants to discuss classic markers migrates here. If you want to buy a classic post up a WTB thread and you will get an offer. If you want to sell a classic post it up and you stand a better chance of finding a buyer here than anywhere. If you have a technical question or are trying to find parts for your classic marker you will find no better support than on MCB. If all you have is a question on a manufacturers history or even how many different anodizing schemes a marker came in you can find your answer. As much as most of like and appreciate vintage gear that doesn't mean that it rules all of our interests all the time just like a guy can like and appreciate cars from the 1930s but that doesn't mean he uses one as his daily driver.

Besides MCB is about more than gear it's also a group of very laid back and welcoming players and if you ever get a chance for a meet up you'll see that while all the gear may not be retro the games are about the most relaxed and fun you will ever play.

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Originally Posted by SKULL View Post
correct me if i am wrong and of course this is not an absolute, but i noticed the old fogies like the newer electros and pistols etc and the younger guys like the dusty old scrap metal guns

is this just natures way of balance?
Young guys have more time to tinker and mess around getting old gear to work or compensating for how it sucks. Older guys just want their stuff to work when they need it to. As fun as older markers are new markers have the advantage of decades of technical improvements to build on. The old stuff has the nostalgia factor and I love picking up a marker I could only have dreamed of owning when I was a broke kid or even one that I owned when I was younger but nowadays a $130 Spyder will blow most of the old stuff right out of the water. It's just how it is.
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