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Barrels, Tanks, Hoppers, and Misc.

A teammate of mine recently upgraded his equipment, and he dropped all his old stuff off for me to sell as kind of a consignment deal since he's not on any paintball forums. So now I've got this giant pile of random stuff in my living room, and I need to move it before my fiance gets any more perturbed by it. Prices do not include shipping, which will be worked out on an individual basis based on what you're buying. Thanks for looking.

Two VL200s: used, good shape, no cracks or damage - $7 apiece
Proto Primo: barely used, great shape, no cracks or damage - SOLD
VL Revolution: used, good shape, 100% functional, no cracks or damage - KEEPING

From top:
4500 psi CF tank. I believe it's a 68 ci, but I'm not sure. It's way out of hydro (born on 07/02, last cert was 04/05). Visibly in fine shape with no wear or damage. Reg threads are buggered up, but it still seals up fine. Includes nipple cover, thread protector, and SP neoprene cover. - SOLD
Empire 12 ounce CO2. No dates visible anywhere on it. Great shape. - $12
Java 12 ounce CO2. Original label says "Retest Before 09/09", but there's no recertification sticker on it. Great shape, but needs an oring. - $12
Stryker 24 ounce CO2. Born on 1/08, says to retest before 1/13, so it's just barely out of hydro. Tank is in fine shape, threads are slightly buggered (but still work fine). - $15
??? aluminum HPA tank. It's got a Crossfire reg and gauge, so I'll guess it's a Crossfire tank. No label at all. Stamped info says it was born on 1/03, no rehydro sticker (or any other sticker) anywhere on it. Looks to be in fine shape, and reg threads are good. - $20

Deadlywind barrel bag. Holds three barrels. Very good condition. - SOLD
Red Tippmann barrel condom. Fine shape. - SOLD
Black Tippmann Flatline barrel condom. Fine shape. - SOLD
Well-used Azodin barrel condom. Printing is worn, but it's structurally perfect. - SOLD
Pull-thru squeegee - SOLD
.695 Freak insert - SOLD
CCI sight rail, black - SOLD
ASA reducers. One has a mail quick release fitting, the other has a macro fitting. - SOLD
ASA reducer and 8" steel braided line - SOLD
CCI back bottle valve body. Black. Good condition, slight scratches. - SOLD
CCI M-16 grip bottomline adaptor with macro fitting - SOLD
Coiled remote with on/off and quick disconnect - KEEPING
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