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WTFPB Magazine pouch

So I recently got some new magazine pouches from WTFPB to replace my old version.

To start off these are much nicer than the older style pouches they fit 20 round DAM mags very nicely and also Scarab arms magazines perfect too. They added the matching camo molle straps on the front very nice touch! As always they are very nicely sewn and the material is very strong.
The new elastic cord and how it is attached to the pouch is much nicer and looks a lot cleaner. Also a big plus is that the new pouches are like individual pouches so that when worn on a vest they follow the contour of your body. (especially you you a little bit of rounder belly).

Will be using these during Cell Team six magazine fed event this weekend and will update this review.

Now for pictures!

New Feedback as my other was deleted for some reason: MCB feedback

PBN Feedback
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