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Originally Posted by zacgodwin View Post
Quick rant here. Its a crazy idea but i thought this was a classic marker forum. 9 out of 10 threads started have to do with very modern equipment. the bst is full of very modern equipment, with the exception of one. The supposed rare and old guns thread. even here it is full of modern high end electros. expensive sure, but i dont care at all. im not a die hard wood and brass guy, but im sure they can feel my pain.what interests me is guns and gear like 10-20 years old and i while this is still the best place to find it but im tired of weeding through 300 posts to find one i care about or would contribute to. SO please someone, start a new MCB and lets keep the whole forum on topic.
There is not a single electro on in the Rare and Old BST. I don't even have to look at it before posting this to know that.

And no one ever said this was a "Classic Marker forum". It's supposed to be a chill, laid back paintball forum with less of the agglet shennanigans than some of the other major forums.

Edit- Ok, ya got me, there are two. But they're still a decade old and fairly rare so not completely out of place. Just because you're into Model A's doesn't mean that a Shelby GT350 isn't also an old and rare car.
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