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Dearest Feyd and D3adpool: Trinity Complete

Four score minus 78 years ago, I was blessed by Saint Bill of the Church of Chipley Machine with a holy child into my care. The child was a twin, both of whom were made of aluminum but had some some very holy brass from the holy grail itself to set itself apart from the rest of the children of the Church of Chipley machine. One twin was blessed with a full body and the blessing if inserts, while the other was blessed with elegance of the holy slot blocking shield and a breastplate both made of holy brass. Brother Feyd was the other monk who was chosen to bear the love of the other holy child.

Within a year later, I broke the vow and passed the blessing onto Brother D3adpool for the sake of my priorities and funds, or so I thought at the time. D3adpool took the child in, nurtured it, and gave it a new outfit in the glossiest of coats from Reverend Tonsixer. The child had matured into a thing of extreme beauty, and the contrast of black and brass were a legend among the Monastery of Carter Brown.

Letting go of the holy twin is the only regret of my short life. I have raised many children, but the holy twin haunts my dreams every night for letting go, although I know how happy the child is with D3adpool.

We thought there was but twins, the Black and the Hard Clear twin... but there was a THIRD! The third child had been born first, worshipped, but no one had taken the vow of eternal care. It was later forgotten and the next two children had taken all of the glory, only for the first born to sit in a box... unloved, rebuked, and forgotten.

However the memory of the firstborn lingered in the back of my mind. To redeem myself from the sin of letting the holy twin go, I took the vow to love and protect the third child. I prayed to Saint Bill, and he answered in a heavenly chorus and blessed the child with the Handle of Velcor and the Trigger of Carbon. His coat consisted of both that of the Round bodied twin, Hard Clear and Black, and was blessed with a body in between those of the other two.

THE HOLY TRINITY IS COMPLETE! May Saint Bill and Velcor bless them in battle against the twelve year old, electronic using does of Evil.

Forgive me Saint Bill for I have sinned, but replenish my soul with that of the Holy Trinity of Church of Chipley Machine Brass!

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