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Man, Rob "Tyger" Rubin had a great WebDog Radio video that showed the different BBDs out there - barrel plug, towel, swab, and barrel bag - by literally shoving them onto or in a barrel and pulling the trigger... and I can't find it. *feh*

I do remember that swabs fared about as well as anything else that was not a barrel bag - it flew out, quite a ways, and looked like it could cause quite a lot of damage. However, I know the barrel plug that Simon made for Invert/Mini works well enough that a lot of companies are copying it (like this one but not as long, same business end in the barrel, though), and there's a new barrel swab out (Exalt's Barrel Maid swab) that has a cool expansion element to it's squeegee tip when you draw it out of a barrel. I'd want to test it before trying it, but that may be the one and only swab that may actually perform duty as a safe barrel blocking device.

Otherwise, if they don't have a barrel bag/sock/condom, they need to get one on their barrel ASAP, and away from my bare eyeballs.

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